Introducing Flashbacks

Today is another big day for StreamNation. We are so pleased to introduce you new features we worked on in the past three weeks, and especially one of the features we consider key to the StreamNation experience… Check out the UPGRADES below!

  • Flashbacks revive your memories

newsletter_flashbacksFlashbacks are emails that display a retrospective of the photos and videos taken on this day in history. They are sent on a daily or weekly basis, according to your preferences.

Over one year, you will have revived all your memories and will always be a click away from digging into them.

> Set your daily or weekly preference now!

  • Anonymous public referral links

newsletter_anonymous_linkThree weeks ago we revamped the sharing experience. It was time we did the same for invitations. You can now share public anonymous referral links on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or via a link. Don’t worry, the people who sign up from these links won’t be automatically friends with you on StreamNation. So you can share without restriction! Getting referral storage credits has never been easier!

> Send anonymous referral links now

  • Manage your invitation referrals

newsletter_referral_statusIn addition to the public referral links, you can now follow the status of your invitations in the newly designed Refer friends page!
You will be able to see which friends have signed up and keep track of those who haven’t yet. Resending invitations is naturally made very easy!

> Check out your referral status

  • Improved email notifications

newsletter_flashbacksA lot of you wanted to have better control over the email notifications you received. This is now possible!

By default, you will now receive one digest email for all the new content you added in the day and another for all the new media your friends share with you, if any naturally!

You can set these digests to be sent on a weekly basis if you prefer!

> Set your daily or weekly preference now!

  • New Settings page

newsletter_settingsWe also revamped the Settings page so your options are better organized and easier to find.

This layout announces how our UI efforts will be oriented in the next few months. We hope you like it!

> Check the new Settings page now

We hope you will love Flashbacks as all our team does!

The Team at StreamNaiton