A trash to recover your deleted files and better visual feedback on the website!

Dear Friends,

Recently, a lot of you asked for a trash can to recover the files you deleted. We heard you!

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.32.56 Now you are able to recover the files you deleted in the past. To do so, click on your Settings icon and click on “Recover deleted files” right below “Settings”.

You shall see the files you deleted in your own file structure so you can easily retrieve them. We even sorted the files by deletion date, so that you will see on the top the last deleted items.

Your files will be recovered at the exact same location they were before being deleted. To make sure you find the recovered files easily, we automatically redirect you to the location.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 14.27.14————————————-This is not all for this week!————————————-


On our mission to provide better feedback to any action you make on the website, we will now display the progress for each big operation you make on your content – moving, deleting, adding tags, …

Let us know what you think about this visual feedback.


We hope you will enjoy these new features as much as we enjoyed building them for you!

Have a nice week,

The Team